August 7, 2018

Epiphany & Other Incidents

This post isn’t about any specific 333 encounters.  I don’t post every time 333 enters my life. I have only been posting major encounters with 333. This post is to tell you that nearly daily it will manifest in some sort of way.

I recently changed my bedroom digital alarm clock.  I set it fast about 17 minutes as a test.  I continue to wake up at 3:33 according to when the clock flips to 3:33 am.  So it isn’t the actual time of 3:33 that wakes me up. It’s when I able to view it that seems to matter.  This makes sense to me. Every hour it is 3:33 am somewhere on the planet.  What does matter is that I wake up to see the numbers 333?  I understand this now.

I go to Jack in the Box to get a quick breakfast.  A man clearly cuts in front of me.  I shrug it off as this guy must be hungrier than I am.  When it’s my turn and I placed my order it became apparent why.  I became customer #333 on my receipt.  Had he not cut in front of me, I would have been #332.

McDonalds~ Going to get Chicken McNuggets for my dog Faith.  It is her favorite treat and only gets them on Saturday.  I was running around trying to accomplish more than I had time for.  I didn’t want this particular Saturday to go by without Nuggets.  I finally get there and I am number 1333.  It just has to show up one way or the other.

I am wondering if I should post every time it happens even if it is just one sentence.  This will show the magnitude of the frequency.  Perhaps a tab with on an ongoing timeline as it happens.  Then I would be informed when the “little” ones occur and do posts when it crosses over to astounding.

It just happened right now. I went to check my phone to see if there were any messages and of course it is 3:33 pm.  I always catch it on the phone.

Important emails seem to arrive at 3:33 pm.

I go to bid on an item on eBay and see that the person has 333 feedbacks.

I have sold items on eBay just to find out that the winning bidder’s address is 333——-.

I will balance my checkbook and find my balance to be $333 exact.

Change from the grocery store is $3.33.

I will get cut off by a car that has 333 in the license plate sequence.

You can say that everyone is bound to see these numbers as numbers are all around us.  First of all, it’s about the frequency.  Some might be a coincidence. But it became clear a very long time ago for me it’s meant to be seen, observed and acknowledged.  I now say thank you to whatever is responsible for it. 

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