December 2017

Long Distance 333

This is a long distance 333 experience. I’m out Christmas shopping and wound up at a Barnes & Noble. While there I noticed they had lightsabers from Star Wars. The sales clerk was telling me how they sold out of the Yoda Green one. This was exactly what I wanted. My buddy is a huge Star Wars fan and his favorite color was green. I had to have this. The clerk checked and he said there was one left in a city about a half hour away. They put the lightsaber on hold for me. I went right over to the store that has the hold. When I arrived they could not find it. How did this happen? An employee decided he wanted it? A customer saw it behind the registers with the name Joe on it and said they were Joe.

I called my sister in Florida to have her check the local Barnes & Noble by her, and if lucky she could purchase and send it to me. My sister put me on a 3-way call as she called the closest one to her. She thought it best I explain what I was looking for. Naturally, a recorder picks up first and proceeds to give their address. The recorded message said, “We are located at 333….. Really? Once again, everything lined up and was choreographed just right to have 333 enter my life again.

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