January 2000

January 2000 – The Beginning of 333

Lock your doors and windows. Bring in the cat. Put on a cup of coffee. Grab a blanket and get ready for a ride.

My story begins in 1999. For those of you old enough you will remember the focus for the entire year was the impending doom of Y2K. There was no escaping the hysteria brought on by TV, Radio, and Newspapers. We were convinced that if we were to survive this unknown event we could sprout a third arm or even worse lose one!

I took this opportunity to make changes in my life. I packed up and moved to North Carolina to be closer to the family. After all, if you are going to grow extra limbs, best be with family. I waited until the last possible moment to move. I arrived in December just in time for Christmas. It was great being with the family for the holidays. We focused on building a time capsule on New Year’s Eve and ignored the possible destruction of the earth that would occur at midnight. As you know, not a single thing happened. It was like counting to 10 and stopping at 9. Anticlimactic at maximum level. We lived.

I have lots of family in NC, but my sister was gracious and offered the extra room in her house, so I moved in with her. This is where and when it began. Ground zero if you will. I began waking up at 3:33 am. It started a couple nights a week and continued to accelerate. It was the darnedest thing. I felt bizarre and indifferent about it. From a sound sleep, I was instantly awake. Not a groggy sleepy feeling, but wide awake. I started watching the clock and realized that it took a whole minute for the clock to change to 3:34. It wasn’t simply that I woke up at 3:33 am, I was waking precisely as the clock turned to 3:33! It would rock my soul and jar every cell in my body. What was happening to me? I tried to decipher the meaning. Naturally, it must have some importance or why would it be happening at all?

I lived in North Carolina with my sister for 2 years and moved back to California to start over again. I stayed with a best friend until I could get back on my feet again. The house next door became available so I moved in. The house number is 3338. I moved in. I kept the whole “333” thing to myself. Why have friends and family cock their head and give you that look that a dog might give when confused.

A dear friend who is a Human Resource Director knew I was back in the LA area. The hotel where she worked in downtown Los Angeles needed assistance. They offered me a consulting job managing the Hotel’s restaurant. The name of the restaurant is, wait for it………. THREE THIRTY-THREE. So waking up at 3:33 am, moving into a house with 333, then getting a consulting job managing the restaurant, Three Thirty-Three at the Marriott. This was just the beginning and when 333 took over my life.