July 2017

Rexburg, Idaho & The Eclipse

Here we have another mind-blowing experience. I should call this the Holy Grail #2.
It actually links up with Synchronicity.

I took my sisters on vacation last summer to experience the total eclipse of the sun.
I couldn’t find any rooms had along the path of totality. I ended making reservations 3 hours outside the path of totality. The path of totality is where you get to experience all the special moments that a total eclipse of the sun has to offer. About six weeks before the eclipse the negative news surrounding the eclipse was heightened. I feared we would be in gridlock and never make it in time and miss it completely.

I discovered a new hotel had just opened and still had rooms available along the path. This hotel was located in Rexburg, Idaho. In spite of $1356 a night and a two-night minimum, I booked it. I felt it was insurance that all we had to do was step outside of the Hotel and view the eclipse. Prior to his I never head of Rexburg.

About a week later I then heard on the radio, that Dr. Sky who reports on astronomical events was also staying in Rexburg, Idaho. What a coincidence.

During this time I was having my bathroom remodeled. One day, I asked the workers (friends) what they wanted for lunch. They requested Five Guys. I went to Five Guys and placed our order. While filling up our beverages I looked at their handwritten whiteboard which said, “Today’s potatoes came from Rexburg, Idaho. It floored me. What is it about Rexburg that now has entered my life?

Vacation time. My sisters and I are in a rental van going to several states working our way toward our destination. On the third day, we are now heading to Rexburg. As we got closer, there it was bigger than life… ….. that’s right……. Rexburg was exit 333 off the freeway! Now it all made sense. However, I was stunned once again. Who or what choreographed this for me?

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