June 2018

Goosebumps with Synchronicity

Here is another startling mind-bender of a 333 account.  On June 6th, 2018, a buddy of mine (Ricky) asked me to meet him at a picker sale from a hoarder house.  How could I say no to that?  So I went with burning cash. Of course, a sale like this is pure chaos.  I chose to stay around the perimeter end not get caught in the tug of war antics.  I noticed sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard was 2 fairly large bulletin boards.  The only thing I could see was that there were beer bottle caps stuck into the cork.  I thought it was interesting enough and that maybe there was some value to anyone collecting beer caps.  I purchased it without hesitation for $3.  

I got home and placed this in my garage for future exploration.  A few weeks went by when I decided it was time to explore this purchase further.  I removed the cardboard and saw all of these amazing beer bottle caps from some rare beers.  To my surprise, the bulletin board beneath didn’t have any bottle caps.  It was the Hoarder’s personal board with photos and ticket stubs and post it notes.  Whenever I find something of personal nature it gives you a glimpse into who this person was.  I was fascinated to see what sports and concerts he went to etc.  Just as I was getting through the layers, my whole body shook when I uncovered yet another 333 in my face.

The hoarder who never threw anything away not only saved a concert ticket stub it, he took the table number where he sat at the concert.  It was table 333 with the attached concert stub to Spinal Tap.  On this stub in 3 places, it says table 333.  There were other stubs from the same venue with other table numbers but he hadn’t taken those.  Why only 333? Geeeeze, here I go to this hoarder sale and buy what I thought was just beer caps only to find a hidden 333 treasure waiting for me.  Please see the picture in the photo gallery of Table 333.

WAIT, that’s not the end of it. Oh no, there has to be more as if that didn’t already shake up my soul. Here is what added goosebumps to the existing goosebumps.  The Spinal Tap concert ticket stub date was June 6, 2001.  I bought it this remembrance souvenir 17 years to the day that he took that table number.  Who choreographed this one? Did he take that number because it meant something to him?  Was it just another random hoarding item?  Did he on an unconscious level grab it so I would specifically find it exactly 17 years later?

Whatever the reasons now take a back burner.  For me, this is confirmation that our lives are filled with so many unexplained events.  There is much more to our existence than what is apparent and obvious. 

For you naysayers, I will tell you this.  I feel sorry for you that you don’t get to experience parts of living that defy what we think we know.  I feel sorry that not only do you not experience it, you don’t accept that others are.

Why hasn’t anyone contacted me experiencing similar scenarios?

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