The first 4 years of experiencing this phenomenon is pretty unnerving. I didn’t understand what was happening. More important was, why me? Why was this happening to me? Those first few years were very intense as it was new and would rock my very soul when it would happen. I knew I wasn’t losing my mind or imagining it, but the frustration of why me? It had consumed me. Then one night it all changed for me.

I was listening to talk radio with open lines. Anyone could call to talk about any subject. A truck driver called in and with a quivering voice he told the DJ he sees 333 everywhere. He said he doesn’t try and find it, it finds him. Others were experiencing it too. This was bigger than me.  I was freaked out to begin with, but the reality of others experiencing it made it a “thing”.

I decided to create a forum where others could share their experiences with the number 333. I want to know how it has affected you. How does it make you feel? What is your theory in regards to what is happening, and for what purpose?

You will see in the photo gallery the immense collection of “333” items and throughout the blogs the impact and scenarios surrounding how 333 continually enters my life. I still wake up at 3:33 am and always know that I am being woken for the reason to see it.

Perhaps combining our experiences we may get closer to an answer. If nothing else, knowing your not alone must provide some comfort. Are you one of the chosen ones?