October 2004

The Radio & The Truck Driver

One night in October of 2004, I’m relaxing this one autumn night listening to talk radio. It was a Friday night. On this radio station, Friday nights are open lines. This means anyone can call in and talk about any subject they wished. As I am listening, a guy with a deep voice called in. He said he was a truck driver and frequently drove back and forth across the nation. He proceeded to tell the DJ that he was being plagued by something that scared him. In a teary quivering voice, he explained that he was seeing 333 everywhere. He said he doesn’t look for it, but it was always there. On clocks, change at the store, license plates, etc. He was frightened by it and insisted it would rock his body when it happened. Well, I just fell to the floor. There was an instant relief knowing It was no longer about just me… I wasn’t alone in this. It was happening to others. That feeling of relief was short lived. Then with goosebumps on top of my goosebumps relief suddenly switched to being frightened. IT WAS HAPPENING TO OTHERS! It was bigger than I ever imagined. Listening to this man breaking down really affected me. From that night on, I knew it was a phenomenon that needed investigation.  Others were experiencing 333 in a strange and mysterious way…

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