October 2017

Siri & The Radio Synched Up For 333

While in Florida visiting my sister I broke my eyeglasses and needed to get them repaired. I went to my Optometrist to see if they could weld the hinges as one of the arms snapped off. They do not but were able to recommend “The Eyeglass Doctor” a bit of a distance away. I had no choice as I need my glasses to see. I fought the traffic and made it there before closing, just to read a note in the window that they moved to another location about 2 hours away. Yes, I was fuming mad. I called my Optometrist and sternly said “stop sending patients to a location that does not exist! Okay, sternly not the right word, it was some morphing of sarcasm mixed with disdain. I was assured they would try and find another shop that could accommodate me. Oh hell no, I will find one myself.

The next day with Google’s assistance I was able to find a place in a nearby town. I’m on my way with the assistance of GPS I take the correct exit. We know nothing is simple. I end up at road construction and must take a detour. Now I am somewhat familiar with my surroundings. I am following the detour to get around the construction area and end up on a street I usually don’t go on. I am in the left turn lane with about 10 cars ahead of me. I am listening to talk radio as I usually do. I am about to ask SIRI again for directions to this new place really to see how much longer it would take. At the precise moment I wake up SIRI, one radio DJ says to the other “so where are we now?” SIRI answers “you are at 333 Placentia Ave” I just about leaped through the sunroof. What in tarnation? How? Only 5 cars make it through the light. I had to ask SIRI myself, where are we and she answered: “you are 15276 Commonwealth St.” Moving up 5 car lengths put the address on the cross street.

I was at EXACTLY the right spot for that to happen. It took 2 days, my Optometrist not able to help me, sends me to a place that doesn’t exist, I find one myself, end up in a detour and SIRI answers the radio at the precise moment. I call this the holy grail of 333 because a lot of choreography went into creating this moment. By who? For what purpose? Why?

Trust me, no matter how many times I experience it, it continues to rock my soul. It is something you never get used to.

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